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Red hot and blue music based on the rhythms, sounds and traditions of New Orleans jazz

We play a whole range of music based largely on the rhythms and sounds coming from the New Orleans traditions, which means it is a whole lot of fun. Music to tap your feet and clap your hands to, music to dance to, music to listen to, music to feel. You might hear old favourites, less often heard jazz classics or something you've never heard a jazz band play before, but all with life, with style, with feeling.

Between us we have played for weddings, anniversaries, funerals, corporate events, charity events, jazz clubs and festivals, fetes, carnivals, parades, parties, radio and television. Whatever your event we can help it go with a swing.
If you see the full band you will hear Chris Thompson on bass, Alan Cresswell on clarinet, Peter Leonard on trumpet and John Stuart on banjo. We are passionate about our music and would welcome the chance to inspire you. 

Contact us by phone on 07427 726228 or email or message us via our facebook page - bluejazz
We have all played with so many different bands and musicians, and had so much fun making music that it has been difficult to think how to improve things. That is where Red Hot and Blue come in. For us, it is a chance to have a regular band that can get together to do some different things a little bit differently, while still keeping the feel of the music we love to play. For you, our audiences it gives a polished, well presented and enthusiastic band that can enliven any event with music to inspire you. 

If your event requires we do have a trombonist and a drummer who share our musical ideals and standards that we can add to make a standard six piece jazz band, or enlarge even further to create a parade band. We can also provide entertainment as a duo, trio or quartet. Please ask us if you would like further details


Contact us by phone on 07427 726228 or email  You can also message us via our facebook page -

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